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...I ain't got no time for lovin cause my time is all used up just sittin round creatin' all that groovy kind of stuff...

‚spencer davis group‘

In fact I‘ve only got time to do what I love, and that is creating groovy stuff, so if you got a project to put love in contact me.


Architecture - Phase 1 to 5 in german and in international projects. 

  • Competition and Graphic Design
  • Schemativ Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Binding/Negotiation
  • Typical Details

Conceptual development and resolution of international level competitions.
Communication strategies about projects.
CI Cooperate Identity Architecture
Furniture and Product Design
CGI - 3D modelling and graphic design of architectural and design works

Cummunication design

Prototyping | 3D printing

Interdisciplinary idea generator and creativ desginer


 Interesting projects and project partners.

Like mindet people who wanna participate our network no matter in which business you are in as long as you are enthusiastic.

Participation in Crypto- projects.



Marius is into architecture, design and CGI for about 20 years now, starting from the scratch as a draftsmen working his way up till head of architecture for several offices and enterprises in national and international projects of every kind and size.

Since he founded ‚fragment‘ in 2016 he is focusing on architectural schematic designs, furniture- object design and beeing a creative idea generator for many other interdisciplinary fields and projects.

Now a team of like mindet people has build up and is still growing. If you are interested in joint ventures just get in contact with us.


You can reach me live and real old fashioned way in my favorit coffee bar or my office.

Teutonenstraße 2a

50679 Köln

F +49 (0) 177 1988684


Team & Partners


dipl. ing. architect Stepahn Schütt



dipl. ing. architect Jörg Rutzen



dipl. ing. architect Florian Pfeil

pfeil achitektur


dipl. ing. architect Harald Linder

planungsgemeinschaft liro


graphic designer Jörn Möller

JM Grafik


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